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Ningbo  Shengyang Plate Co., Ltd. is a plastic sheet production enterprise  integrating R&D and manufacturing of high quality polycarbonate (PC)  sheet, research and production and sales, material processing,  warehousing and distribution. It has first-class PC extrusion sheet. Production  line,  fully operate the ERP computer management  system and use the Six Sigma management mode to ensure the quality of  the products. The company is now with Germany Bayer, USA (GE), Japan  Mitsubishi We  have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many  well-known raw material manufacturers in the world. According to the  National Chemical Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection  Center (CQC), the company's product indicators are excellent...
The  company's products include PC sunshine board, PC endurance board, PC  sound barrier special board, particle board, frosted board, crystal  steel plate, PC wave board, PET board, PC lighting cover and pvc wave  tile, FRP lighting tile and various plastic sheet molding. Processing.

Sunshine  panels are widely used in gardens, amusement parks, exotic decorations  and lounge pavilions; interior and exterior decoration of commercial  buildings, curtain walls of modern urban buildings; aviation transparent  containers, motorcycle front windshields, airplanes, trains, ships,  automobiles, Motorboats,  submarines and glass military police shields; telephone booths,  advertising road signs, light box advertisements, display exhibition  arrangements; instruments, instruments, high and low voltage switchgear  panels and military industries; wall, ceiling, screen and other high-end  interior decoration materials; Urban  elevated road noise barriers; agricultural greenhouses and breeding  greenhouses; greenhouses, modern ecological restaurant ceilings; bicycle  shelters, balcony shade canopies and roof rest pavilions in all units  or communities; office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas,  schools, hospitals Lighting booths for stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities.

The  company has a strong customer base, high-quality professional team and  perfect sales network throughout the country. It has set up many offices  in China, covering all major cities in China, providing quality  products and excellent services for various sheet projects. The logistics concept is widely used in various industrial fields at home and abroad. Thanks  to our customers who have always supported us, we will continue to  provide our customers with sincerity, perfection, and win-win with  first-class quality, excellent business philosophy and perfect  after-sales service!

Shengyang  adheres to the tenet of “customer first, reputation win, high quality  and high quality service”. We will provide customers with a complete PC  sheet system by relying on quality to win the market and relying on  innovation to promote development.

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